Annual Fab
City Summit

The Summit brings together city leaders, enthusiasts, industry and policy-makers to debate and explore innovations in productive cities. Historically hosted by a Network member, the Summit is a chance for new Network members to pledge to join, and existing members to exchange learnings and advance our collective roadmap. The Summit, consisting of keynote talks, panels and workshops is complemented by the Fab City Campus, a pop-up Fab City demonstrator that shows-off various citizen-led approaches to local circularity and productivity of food, energy and materials.

  • 2011 – Paris

    Fab7 International Conference

    The Fab City project is launched by the Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya, the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, the Fab Foundation and the Barcelona City Council.
  • 2014 – Paris

    Fab10 International Conference

    Barcelona launches officially the FAB City project / Mayor Trias commit to the 40 year challenge / The first public network of Fab Labs in a city is launched
  • 2015 – Paris

    Fab11 International Fab Lab Conference

    The Fab City becomes a global initiative / The cities of Boston, Ekurhuleni, Cambridge, Shenzhen, Somerville join / The state of Kerala (India) joins / The country of Georgia joins
  • 2015 – Paris

    Amsterdam Fab City Campus

    Europe by People: The Netherlands host the presidency of the European Union / The first Fab City experts summit in Amsterdam / The City of Amsterdam commits to the Fab City global initiative-
  • 2016 – Paris

    Shenzhen: The silicon valley of Hardware

    12th International Fab Lab Conference / Cities joining the Fab City global initiative: Detroit, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Bhutan, Occitanie, Sacramento, Toulouse.
  • 2017 – Paris

    Chile. Fab13: Fabricating Society

    13th International Fab Lab Conference: Fab13: Fabricating Society / Fab City Campus Santiago de Chile / Fab City Summit Copenhagen
  • 2018 – Paris

    France. Fab14: Fabricating Resilience

    14th International Fab Lab Conference: Fab14: Fabricating Resilience / Fab City Campus Parc de La Villete / Fab City Summit Paris
  • 2019 – Amsterdam


    The Fab City Summit was held in Amsterdam at Urban Conference We Make The City Festival in June 2019.
  • 2020 – Online

    The Distributed Fab City Summit 2020, from Emergency to Resilience - Broadcasting from Barcelona!

    The global pandemic forces the annual Fab City Summit online. Participants join from over eight time zones in a distributed two-day program.